Governor Sonko Reveals The Big Shots who Sent Thugs to Beat His Daughter and Senator at a Bar

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has issued a stern warning to his daughter’s attackers. Saumu Mbuvi Sonko,his first born child was assaulted together with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip when the duo were leaving a popular high-end bar.

Eye-brows were raised on the incident following an attempt by junior police officers at Kasarani Police Station to cover up the incident. The move failed after their seniors from the Vigilance House headquarters demanded to be briefed about the incident on Monday morning.

Apparently, the junior officers had withheld details about the incident from their senior at the police station. They quickly released the details after it emerged that victims of the assault were prominent personalities.

In a statement recorded at the station, Sonko’s daughter narrated how she had gone to the washroom when a man who was standing outside the toilet followed her and held her by the neck suggestively.

“We stayed at the club up to 0240hours on 2nd day of June, 2019. As we were moving out I went to answer to a call of nature and I went to the toilet located at the entrance of the said lounge. As I went inside the toilet, a man who was standing in front of the toilet followed me and held me by the top. I screamed for help,” read a statement by Ms Saumu at the station.

She further explained that “as she screamed for help someone decided to throw a stone inside the toilet and the man who she described as short and brown moved out and locked himself inside a different room.”

Senator Loitiptip later followed the man to the room and ordered him to come out and explain why he had followed a woman to the toilet.

According to the statement, the man decided to open the door and apologized for touching the lady, who asked the senator to forgive him.

However, a detective privy to details claims the senator attacked the man with a taser gun-  a battery-powered, handheld device that delivers a short, low-energy electrical pulses.

“The man was attacked by a taser gun and it is the attack that led to the confrontation that later took place at the parking lot,” the detective said, adding that they are in search of the taser gun.

At the parking slot, a gang confronted the senator and hit him with clubs before they escaped leaving him badly injured. Ms Saumu was also injured on her right hand.

Ms Saumu in her statement said that she called her cousin and stepsister who took them to hospital.

However, Saumu’s father Sonko reads more to the incident. Addressing the issue through his Facebook broadcast in the evening, the County Boss warned the attackers whom he alleged that devoted to get to him through any means.

The irate governor further divulged that the attackers were sent by “state operatives.”

He noted: “I want to tell the system that you cannot plot evil against people every day.”

According to him, an unnamed police officer led the goons who attacked his daughter before the Senator stepped in to try to protect her and in turn was severely injured.

Sonko asserted: “So that you know this case is by the system, the Senator is in fighting for his life in the ICU but the person who was arrested was released on a Ksh 20,000 cash bail.

“The games the system is trying to play on me…I am not a fool my friend,” he added.

Additionally, Sonko revealed that on 31,May, 2019, a group of five armed men tried to break into his Upper Hill residence but were captured on surveillance cameras.

They later ran off after his bodyguards shot in the air to disperse them however, one of them was unable to escape and was arrested.

The nabbed goon later divulged that they were executing an order that had been sent to them. He did not reveal who sent them though. The suspect is currently in the custody of police.

Senator Loitiptip is currently admitted at Aga Khan Hospital where he is fighting for his life, after being severely assaulted, leaving his with deep head wounds.

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