Governor Njoroge Fools Kenyans on Madaraka Day


Wekesa Sikomboti –

The Madaraka day stunt performed by the President and his Central Bank Governor, that they were intensifying the fight against corruption through new currencies, and the phasing out of a Ksh 1000 bill was just that, a stunt.

This hoax seems to have excited many Kenyans, including Hon Alfred Mutua, the Machakos Governor and ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi.  ODM brigade, led by Hon John Mbadi, also fell for the joke, not surprisingly cheered for the President louder than their Kieleweke friends. Deputy President William Ruto and his Tangatanga team seem to be mocking those that came up with this sick joke.

President Kenyatta and Governor Njoroge know too well that withdrawing the Ksh 1000 is useless because cartels and graft operatives steal through phony tenders and lucrative, inflated procurement deals. Such a move could not have stopped – for example – Josephine Kabura, the big NYS thief, from stealing our money and carrying from a bank in a gunia. Kabura made repeated trips to the bank to carry away her loot, and it doesn’t matter if it was in Ksh 1000 or Ksh 500 notes. What of the gang of Bungoma thieves that stole millions through “non-carcinogenic wheelbarrows”? It did not matter that they looted in Ksh 1000 notes instead of Ksh 500.

This move is a farce and a sham for it will stop county officials from stealing public resources at source. State Officials will continue steering lucrative contracts to politically-connected individuals. Instead of cheering for the President and his man at the CBK, Kenyans should be demanding for genuine fight against corruption.

In brief, expect church Harambees to continue – only that brown envelops will be replaced with suitcases and bigger briefcases.

Wekesa Sikomboti


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