‘You Cannot Bully Me!’Sonko Gets Wild on Citizen TV Forcing Show to Close, Gives More Evidence on Passaris

    It did not matter that Citizen Tv’s Jeff Koinange on his show JKLive was recycling Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko for the umpteenth time, many were still looking forward to the show especially following the Madaraka day saga between Sonko and the County Woman Rep Esther Passaris.

    Many viewers were disappointed when the show ended abruptly on Wednesday night after things got out of hand in the course of the interview between the host Jeff and Sonko.

    Governor Sonko was trying to back up his argument on why he ‘rudely’ answered Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris in public during Madaraka Day celebrations.

    According to Sonko, Passaris was in a mission to provoke him in public, with orders from top officials of the State House.

    “She (Esther Passaris) was under instructions from a senior officer in the office of the president to attack me in public… she was paid. Passaris is misleading Kenyans; I do pick her calls. She made allegations against me and I had a right to reply,” said Sonko.

    As usual, the pompous yet belligerent when provoked County CEO did not leave his ‘blings’ behind. And true to your guess, he came laden with documents, text messages and audio recordings to prove his point, but the show was forced to a break as the director, Monica Kiragu, was opposed to the governor’s conduct on live TV.

    “The problem with Citizen is that it is biased,” Sonko said, complaining of the censorship.

    Sonko, in the show claimed Passaris has in several occasions swindled Nairobi County government and himself as a governor. He cited when the County Woman MP swindled him Ksh10 million, promising to procure an out of court settlement of the gubernatorial case by talking to ODM leader Raila Odinga to talk to ex County boss Evans Kidero.

    However, Sonko alleged that Passaris did not pay his opponents, and the case had to proceed to conclusion. In his attempt to show documents, text messages and audio recordings to prove his point, the show director, Monica Kiragu thought it was too much.

    Monica Kiragu is also remembered to be amongst the gang of friends that include embattled journalist Jacque Maribe, Kirigo Ng’arwa, Shicks Kapienga who were merry making at the party where Jowie Irungu (accused of Killing Monica) proposed to Maribe

    Sonko refused to answer any further questions until he exhausted the Passaris issue.

    “Don’t ask me another question before I answer the one you did…. Usinipeleke mbio vile Hussein hupeleka Deputy President hapa,” said agitated Sonko.

    After a lengthy break, the three, Sonko, Jeff and Monicah could not agree and the show was brought to a halt, with disappointed Jeff signing out on a low.

    This is not the first time things are getting out of hand for Jeff, especially on topics Passaris.

    On November 16, 2016, while at KTN, lawyer Miguna Miguna was recorded slandering Passaris live on air, saying that she was after men.

    “No one wants you anymore Esther and that is the painful truth, you think you’re beautiful but it’s just the colour. Without the colour you are nothing, you are here running after men but no one wants you,” said Miguna.

    The incidence led to Jeff’s dismissal from the station, before he got a soft landing at Citizen TV.

    Sonko however promised to revisit the issue in Passaris’ presence on the show urging the TV to invite the both of them if they can.

    “Hata mimi ni bwana ya mtu na akikuja (Esther Passaris) hapa nitamuuliza kwanini ananiita Intercontinental kwa room (I am also someones husband and when she comes I will ask why she called me into a room at Intercontinental Hotel)… we want leaders who respect families,” he said.

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