Kakamega Youth Hunting Khalwale Who Ferried Them To Ruto’s Function and Ate Their Money

    Youth in Malava constituency, Kakamega County have warned former Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale not to dare set foot in the area after he allegedly swindled them.

    The genesis of the drama was when Khalwale decided to defect to Jubilee after severing ties with his Ford Kenya party where he was the deputy party leader.

    Khalwale invited his hitherto demigod DP William Ruto and to show that he has clout in the county, hired loads and loads of youth some ferried from Malava.

    Since nothing goes for nothing, the youth were promised ‘heckling allowance.’

    Boni Khalwale when he defected to Jubilee.

    Buses hired by his team carried more than 300 youths with the promise that they will each be paid an allowance of Sh1,000 for attending the meeting, only to return home empty handed with the assurance they would be paid the following week to no avail.

    He allegedly owes them over Sh300,000. Khalwale is believed to have used the youths to hoodwink Ruto that he had huge following in the region.

    The agitated lads stormed an apartment in Malava town where Moses Ambani, one of Khalwale’s foot soldiers who mobilized the youths to shore up the numbers had rented a room, demanding to be paid their dues forcing him to flee for his life.

    DP William Ruto and Boni Khalwale.

    It is claimed William Ruto who visited Khalwale Malinya home in Kakamega county to welcome him to Jubilee, had long released funds only for Khalwale to pocket it. The ex-senator has declared he is in the race to succeed Governor Wycliffe Oparanya who is serving his second and final term.

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