Proposal to Limit Harambee Donations to Sh100,000 Meant to Tame Ruto

    DP William Ruto making donations.

    A proposal by MPs to limit the amount of money politicians can donate in harambees to not more than Sh 100, 000 is a targeted move at DP William Ruto. If the plan sails through in parliament, Kenyans will no longer see the multi million donations to churches every weekend as it has been the norm.

    Parliamentarians propose in the new amendment that any public officer fond of dishing out millions of shillings in fundraisers will  have to declare their source of cash to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.Dubbed The Public Officer Ethics (Amendment) Bill, 2019,  it seeks to compel any public officer who donates more than Sh100,000 in a harambee to declare the source of the cash to the EACC within 14 days of doing so.

    Leading the fray to have the amendment passed is Minority Leader in Parliament John Mbadi, who is also the ODM Chair. He says  public officer shall submit to the commission a declaration of the income, assets and liabilities after every two years.

    “A public officer who contributes an amount exceeding Sh 100,000 to a public collection or harambee shall file a return with the commission stating the source of the funds within 14 days of such contribution,” reads the proposed amendment in part.

    The amendment also wants the EACC further empowered than its current status, to give it more efficiency in dealing with graft as well as bestowing upon it the power to prosecute as well as institute criminal investigations against corrupt individuals.

    If this proposal sails through in parliament, it will give a huge blow to DP Ruto as well as money hungry churches. Ruto has shaped his politics to revolve around dishing money in churches and making donations to other institutions so as to endear himself to the public. This practice has put him under fire from his critics, something he says will not deter him.



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