We will Continue Supporting Raila whether you Like It or Not, MP Osotsi and Malala tell Detractors

    Senator Cleophas Malala (center) flanked by MP Geodfrey Osotsi (R) and ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna (L) at a past press conference.

    ANC leaders Nominated MP Geodfrey Osotsi and Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala have said they will not be silenced or intimidated because of their love for Raila Odinga. The two leaders say the current persecutions they are facing is because of their unbridled support of Raila Odinga which makes some people unhappy as well as their rising stature in Western Kenya politics specifically the influence they currently wield in Kakamega county.

    MP Osotsi has been expelled from his party the ANC for publicly showing support for Raila Odinga, something he says is an attempt to silence him and have him submit to what he calls ‘powers that be’ which are not happy with his dalliance with Odinga. He says these people are keen to clip the wings of young and emerging Luhya politicians who are already fronting a formidable force.

    ”I am being fought for my principles. I want to make it clear that I support Raila as the NASA coalition leader and as an ANC MP, our party is still in NASA. The truth is that there are some people within Luhya politics who want to muzzle all Raila voices in Western. They want to fight me, Malala and Khaniri because of Raila,” Mr Osotsi stated.

    ODM secretary-general Edwin Sifuna, Senate deputy minority leader and Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, embattled nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi and Vihiga Senator George Khaniri have come out strongly in support of Mr Odinga. They are seen as the new generation of Luhya leaders with a stand and whose political fortunes could grow in coming years.

    Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala on the other hand is facing a lot of legal battles as well as persecution by his own party, ANC for being an ardent Raila Odinga supporter, something which he says will not change his stance.

    ” Nobody has the capacity to victimize me in ANC. Even in 2017 I was at the forefront, advocating for a Musalia candidature in NASA. I even led demos in Kakamega saying ‘No Mudavadi No NASA’ but Musalia convinced us that they had agreed on Raila to fly the flag,” he said.



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