Esther Passari’s Emotional Response After Audio Leaks of Her Offering Sonko Sex for Money

    It all began like a normal Madaraka day in Nairobi until the Woman Rep Esther Passaris took the stage and lashed at the Governor Mike Sonko over his nonchalance in implementing women projects. She further registered displeasure that he snubbed her calls.

    Sonko was not amused by the public lecture. “I will pick your calls when I am free. I am not your husband that I should be picking your calls the time you want,” he retorted, infuriating the MP who walked out on him.

    “As a woman who is fighting for other women to be empowered, and fighting for women to be respected and we have just come from a big conversation about ‘Her Life Matters’ I felt he went a bit low knowing that he knows my husband,” she said.

    The Governor came under heavy criticism by leaders and Kenyans on social media over his disrespectful outburst against Woman Representative Esther Passaris during the Madaraka Day celebrations in the county on Saturday.

    And then he unleashed damning audios that showed there was more to it than met the common eye. Listen to the audios in the tweets below.

    From the audios, one can tell Sonko heavily financed Passaris campaign, they have an intimate history and the MP even offered him ‘love’ to which he replied he has a wife.

    Sonko claims he was forced to release the damning audios especially after the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) called for the governor’s arrest and prosecution for contravening Chapter Six of the Constitution and engaging in hate speech.

    The FIDA Executive Director, Ms Teresa Omondi, said the Inspector General of Police and the Director of Criminal Investigation should take action on Mr Sonko for the “shameful and disrespectful” display.

    Yesterday, Sonko defended his remarks towards Passaris, saying he owes no one any apologies.

    Governor Sonko claimed that he was only defending himself after Ms Passaris questioned the source of his wealth which he uses to finance his charitable works.

    Sonko further claimed that Ms Passaris wanted to create enmity between him and the women of Nairobi.

    “I will not apologize to her (Passaris) since she is the one who provoked me with her utterances. I did not abuse her, I only told her I am not her husband which is true. Why I should apologize for speaking the truth?” posed Mr Sonko on Monday.

    He was speaking at City Hall during the 90th anniversary celebrations for Local Authorities Pensions Trust.

    And Passaris has since quietly resorted to being biblical.

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