You Stooped So Low, Esther Passaris on Mike Sonko’s “Mimi Si Bwana Yako” Comment.


Mike Sonko reflects how male chauvinism is deeply rooted in Kenyan politics. The Kenyan political scene is not conducive for the fragile average woman. It needs so many layers of thick skin that hurt cannot penetrate through. But that doesn’t mean that women should not actively be involved in politics. We just need to change the mentality of our male Kenyan politicians to be more favorable to the female gender. But given Kenya’s history of manhandling women political figures, this is a far cry. Remember the time former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero slapped Shebesh?

Esther Passaris walking out on the governor after he made snide remarks was a classic depiction of “When you go low, I go high”. This is a classy way to avoid conflict and standing up against being publicly disrespected. Passaris has come out to register her displeasure in the manner the governor called her out.

“He went very low when he said he’s not my husband to pick my calls, he’s met my husband and that was very low of him. He was disrespectful to me and a lot of women and should realize that we are equal in terms of serving the Nairobi people”

Passaris has also spoken against Sonko giving out handouts to the needy instead of helping them get a sustainable livelihood. Calling it demeaning to the very poor that he is meant to help. She claims that Mike Sonko is yet to keep his word about approving her projects that are aimed at helping the community. Women have to fight to get a seat at the table and Sonko just proved how women are looked down upon. The Nairobi women representative is still keen on working with the governor in various county projects. Sonko is yet to publicly apologize over his remarks.

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