I am Not Sorry, God Told Me Not to Worry About Haters- Pastor Ng’ang’a to Critics

Save for a few disgruntled Bishops who resigned, it would seen Neno Evangelism center is intact and the Bishop- aka General Commander of the army of God James Nga’ng’a himself is unfazed.

In fact, yesterday Sunday,  Ng’ang’a is delivered a fiery sermon-the first since a video of him insulting his bishops and members of his church went viral last Friday.

More congregants walked in, undaunted by last week’s video of their visibly annoyed pastor calling some of them names.

Through carefully-selected verses in the Bible, he reminds his congregation of the importance of obedience, and how God will punish those that despise authority.

He accuses his critics of abusing and despising “prophets of God.”  Nga’ng’a remains unapologetic, insisting to his followers that he was right to use the language he did.

According to Ng’ang’a, even though he used slurs in the viral video, God was using him to express his anger.

“Why are they saying I said rubbish and ‘takataka’ and stupid…arrogant, did I use arrogant? It is because I am the boss, I am the father and I am not limited by children on what to say when I am angry. Even in my house I switch off the power, it remains on only in my room. Even here in the church I close the door and you haven’t left because I closed the door on you,” he says, in his usual rambling voice, sending the congregants into laughter and claps.

“A father is a father, if he closes the door come early the next Sunday, don’t run away. If you run away then it means he is not your father,” he continues.The statement seemed to target one of his bishops, who, irked by the video clip, called it quits.

Unperturbed, Ng’ang’a declares: “There are things I would like people to know. Number one, I am called and chosen by God in this position. Number two, I am not doing things to entertain people. Number three, the trainings of the ministry are different . I am dealing with what you are not dealing with. I am called to do things that are not known. So please, when you judge, be careful!”

He delivers the charged sermon in a combination of English, Swahili and Kikuyu and reveals that since the video went viral, God had appeared to him in several visions, urging him not to worry.

“I have never listened to God with so much clarity. Yesterday God told me, “My son, don’t disturb yourself with these small things. Go and rescue my people,” he said.

“God told me not to worry because the world can’t hear me, but those that are his will hear me,” he said. “With all these things happening in Kenya, why Ng’ ang’a? It is because I have something very special,” he declared.

He told his audience that the video clip was an indicator that Satan was attacking his ministry.

“One day God will help you to understand why the devil is attacking my ministry. I am not a politician. I am not going to contest in 2022. Why (is) Ng’ang’a appearing in the media? That tells you there is something,” he said.

He also criticized the media for questioning his academic credentials and referring to his struggle with alcoholism and prison sentence and vows that nothing will bring him down.

Later, the worshipers milled around him, taking their “offering” to the man who called them names three days earlier.

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