I Must Get Incompetent Awiti and His Thieving Allies Out of Office- MP Opondo Kaluma Vows

Homabay Town MP Opondo Kaluma has broken his since by vowing to oust incumbent Homabay Governor Cyprian Awiti whom he says is the epitome of incompetence.

In a scathing face-book post accompanied by a photo of a woman puddling in thigh-high mud, he wrote:

“This is the situation in Homa Bay County, despite the fact that the County receives devolved funds like others! No water for a people living by the largest fresh water lake in Africa! The Health sector is dead for the living just as there is no mortuary for the dead! Agriculture sector is dead just like the imaginary “Agricity”!”

He added: “Homa Bay County stadium only serves as a cash-cow enabling the county cartel to draw tens of millions each year! No single county road! My sincere apologies for having supported Awiti; I wrongly believed he would change for the better in his last term as he promised.”

And went on : The claim that: “Awiti is a good man, it’s the people he works with who are bad” is no longer sustainable! As the wise teach “show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” And so Awiti cannot surround himself with thieves and lay claim to being a good man; he is the thief plundering the body and soul of Homa Bay County! My support for Awiti’s government will remain withdrawn. With Countymen/women of like mind, I’ll now focus on how to get Awiti out of office and get the County back on rail! May those who have helped Awiti to loot our County know no peace to their fourth generation!”

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