“Kichwa yako inakaa mawe za Kidawa” Fan trolls Dennis Itumbi


Trolls can be mean sometimes but if you are a public figure, developing thick skin is mandatory to avoid getting hurt. On social media especially, being mean or rather being savage like the millenials call it , is the trend which has become a norm for users.

“Kweli pesa ni za maana sana Sai ungekuwa una pesa ungewai pata dem kwanza na hiyo kichwa yako inakaa kama mawe za kidawa”  these were the harsh words a “fan” felt the need to comment on Dennis Itumbi’s photo where he was posing with a female.

Itumbi who seemed rather unbothered by the mean words replied with a simple:

“Mini niko poa na sura yangu mbaya. Niko tu sawa am not complaining”

Reminds me of the good old Michelle Obama saying, “When they go low, we go high”



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