Governor Ferdinand Waititu Captured Running to Shake Raila Odinga’s Hands, Trying to Get His Attention at Tatu City

    Raila Odinga breaking ground for construction of the affordable housing.

    Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was captured on camera trying to impress ODM leader Raila Odinga in Kiambu, during an event in which the AU High Representative of Infrastructure was commissioning construction of 1000 affordable housing units.The governor shocked guests present at the event when he forced himself through the crowd towards Raila Odinga’s motorcade.

    The governor who has been spewing vitriol and chaliced hatred towards towards Odinga was all smiles and did all he could to try impress the man he bashes every moment he is on political podiums. Odinga on the other hand was interested in the other guests  and what had taken him to Tatu City.

    Governor Waititu pushing himself to shake Odinga’s hands.

    Odinga is back in the country after a two day working visit  in Addis Ababa  where he led the Second Belt Road Summit attended by dignitaries from China and delegates of the African Union from all the 53 member states.Today’s  event was also graced by Housing PS Polycarp Hinga.

    “Attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Unity Homes at Tatu City and took the opportunity to ask Kenyans to embrace the idea of Special Economic Zones. I also appealed for measures to address the high cost of land which is scaring away potential investors from our country,”  Odinga posted on his official twitter handle.

    Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony, Odinga  President Uhuru Kenyatta was aware of his presence in Kiambu and passed the president’s greetings to the people of Kiambu, adding that he did not need anyone’s permission to visit any part of the country, especially a governor.

    The ODM leader urged land owners not to hike land prices as it scares away potential investors.

    “I bring greetings from the President. He knows I am here, in his backyard, and I bring his blessings for this project.I can go to any part of Kenya without seeking the permission of anyone, especially a governor,” he said.He also reiterated his stand on the fight against corruption saying there is no turning back.

    ”We want to promote unity in this country. We want to fight corruption. Corruption is an ‘animal’ we are going to deal with irrespective of who is committing it,” he added.

    Also present at the event were Other  were  Deputy Governor James Nyoro, Stephen Jennings, Founder & CEO of Rendeavour John Latham, MD, Unity Homes and businessman Chris Kirubi.

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