We are not Interested in Peace with no Tangible Results, ODM Now Says

    ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna at the party's headquarters in Nairobi on Thursday evening.

    The ODM Party has fired a warning shot on status of peace in the country saying it is not ready to take the constant pettiness and hate by DP William Ruto on the party’s leader Raila Odinga. During today’s annually held National Prayer meeting at Safari Park, DP Ruto dragged  Raila Odinga’s name at the event, saying Kenya was ready to donate the ODM leader to the UK as its prime minister.

    The ODM Party took issues with DP Ruto’s remarks calling it  petty, juvenile and ill-informed political onslaught on Rt Hon Odinga. Even though the prayer meeting was a chance at reconciliation and burying political hatchets, DP Ruto saw it just as another opportunity to belittle Raila Odinga.

    ”A year later, questions abound about the genuineness of this annual spectacle and the sincerity of our leaders – the smiles and hugs and niceties given that non-other than DP Ruto has dragged us back to the politics of intrigues, personalized attacks and insults sustaining a petty, juvenile and ill-informed political onslaught on Rt Hon Odinga. Even the solemn occasion of prayer for the nation’s many problems for him was but another platform to take another swipe at Hon. Odinga,” said the party’s Secretary General Edwin Sifuna in a statement.

    The party warns that it is not ready to be party of mere slogans of peace that do not translate to word and deed. The prayer meetings have very little to show of because politicians do not end up preaching what they say during these meetings, something that was also echoed by the president himself. ODM Secretary General warns the country risks sliding back to politics of grandstanding if DP Ruto continues with his sustained attacks on Odinga.

    ”We wish to make it clear that we are not prepared for empty sloganeering and promises of unity that do not translate to tangible results among the people. The day’s theme, ironic as it now looks, was building upon the events of last year when our leaders famously shook hands and whereas the President appears focused on the big 4 and the unity agreed upon during the handshake, his deputy consistently attempts to derail the country and take us back,” Secretary General Sifuna.



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