Reject Harambee Donations to Churches By Politicians, they are Proceeds of Corruption, DPP Haji to the Clergy

    DPP Noordin Hajji.

    DPP Noordin Hajji has urged the clergy to reject huge chunks of money to churches by politicians in the name of harambees, calling them proceeds of corruption. Haji echoed what a number of political leaders as well as a section of church leaders have been saying all along.The church has been a prime target for years where corrupt politicians use to clean money gained through unscrupulous ways.

    Hajji said top state officials are busy stealing public funds and engaging in tenderpreneurship so that they have enough loot to run well oiled campaigns in 2022.He was speaking in Nairobi on  Wednesday during a forum with country’s religious leaders.

    “Such money is also taken to holy places as donations to gain support from the people,” he said during the  meeting with clerics  which was being held at Serena Hotel, Nairobi.

    Deputy President William Ruto has been on a war path with a section of religious leaders as well as a number of top politicians, among them Raila Odinga. The leaders have  called out his weekly donation to churches running into millions per month.The leaders say Ruto is donating money acquired through dubious means to churches in order to sanitize his name. The DP’s name has been involved in number of various scandals in government.



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