Im Not Aware of Any Fake Gold Scam, Wetangula

    Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula.

    Ford Kenya party leader and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has downplayed his involvement in the publicized fake gold scam, terming it a non issue.He dismissed any speculations of him being summoned by the DCI saying he is not aware of any gold scam and he  a busy man with much more important things to do.

    “I am here for my party meetings. I am not aware of what you are talking about, it is a non-issue to me and I don’t want to engage in it,”  said Wetang’ula yesterday at his Ford Kenya party headquarters.

    The  senator who has been on a working visit to China returned to the country Monday.He was speaking during a meeting between with  his party Ford-Kenya officials yesterday.The party is readying itself for election of its officials after losing a number of its members to DP Ruto’s camp.

    While answering questions from journalists in Nairobi yesterday, Wetangula seemed not interested to answer any questions related to the gold scam and brushed off those that were asked.He did not want to dwell on the subject which implicates him as part of the people who were deeply involved and their voices even captured on tape.

    ”My brother, that’s a non issue to me.I have not received any summons from the DCI. I have way more important things to do and as you can see Im a busy man.From here I am going to condole with the family of Oduya Oprong (Amagoro MP). I’ll be in a committee meeting at the Senate and I’ll be in the plenary in the afternoon debating issues of the country as they come on the floor,” he said.


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