Why Embrace Movement Is Giving Kenyan Women a Fighting Chance

    Women leaders part of the Embrace Movement at Serena Hotel yesterday.

    Women in politics.Something which was thought as being impossible decades ago, today may  just be the solution every society needs.Constance Beker Motley the famed African-American civil rights activist, lawyer, judge, state senator, and Borough President of Manhattan, New York City postulated if you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.It is these words which seem to be the cog in the  wheel of Embrace Movement.

    Earlier this year, January 10th to be unambiguous, women elected leaders across country’s political divide unveiled the the Embrace; Women Building Bridges for Kenya Movement.A movement bringing together all elected leaders under one umbrella.Its core foundation was to get women more involved in country’s national agenda.Give direction and shape our national polity in a way they ( women) deemed  right.This was the first swing of the manouvre. History has been kind.Whenever women come together, world over and get involved in a cause, results and final outcome must be in line with what they envisioned.By any means necessary.

    When the women suffrage movement  began in 1848, after a women’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York, organizers at that time knew they were at the onset of a long, protracted and bloody war.They were well aware of the challenges that lay ahead, the resistance and ingrained patriarchy in a world where a man’s word was the law. Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and other women’s rights pioneers knew very well what they were getting themselves into.

    Ironically that was the sole motivation they needed for their movement to be a success. Country’s women elected leaders knew very well what they were getting themselves into while forming the Embrace Movement. Kenyan society is still not very kind to things that uplift or empower its women. This is not an assumption. Our history as a country is riddled with  copious exemplars of men putting their feet on Kenyan women necks, most recently being the flopped Gender Bill.

    After the Seneca Falls meeting, for the next 50 years, women rights activists and suffrage supporters embarked in an aggressive recruitment and worked to educate the public about the validity of woman suffrage.Half of what the movement achieved was through direct involvement on issues that affected women at that time.These concerns were colligated to the need for women rights.

    It is a plausible strategy to see Embrace Movement coming out address the day to day issues facing Kenyan women.Issues ranging from hunger and starvation, political representation, violence meted on women in politics, both as contenders as well as victims of post poll chaos, such as rape and murder.Yesterday at Serena Hotel, it was another score for Embrace Movement. They came out strongly to take a stand in the  many deaths of women as a result of abusive relationships or jilted lovers.The ‘End Femicide’ campaign is a blanket agitation for all Kenyan women.

    It is this involvement which will lead women in droves to Embrace Movement. Forget about political affiliations.This is a movement positioning itself as the mainstream agitator of women’s rights in Kenya.It has the prominence and relevance. FIDA and Maendeleo Ya Wanawake have had the platform for years with not so much to show of.Maybe, just may be this new entrant on the block will succeed in places others have failed.

    To say that women’s rights and how effective their welfare are lobbied for by any government depends on the kind of leaders elected in office is therefore canonical.Embrace Movement is up to the task of rallying Kenyan women behind a leader, or leaders with pro-women policies in the next elections.This drift is giving Kenyan women a fighting chance.





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