Governor Parts With Millions after Being Caught Chewing Married Woman in Hotel

That Kenyan politicians are randy is not news. They say with power comes money and men who get money they have hardly shed a sweat for have a penchant for assortment of feminine warmth.

Now, a renowned governor is a man living with his heart in his bottom after he was caught pants down with a wife of his constituent.

39 days for the thief, one day for the owner. This proverb held true for the county boss after he was busted in a hotel room by the woman’s husband, who had gotten whiff of the affair.

On the fateful day, the governor is said to have released his entourage and remained with two of his trusted bodyguards at the hotel and went to the VIP room and minutes later, he was joined by the woman who works at the establishment.

The woman’s husband busted the two, forcing the county boss to kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

On learning the embarrassing incident, his bodyguards locked the main gate to the hotel and no one was allowed to get out until the matter was ironed out.

The governor is understood to have parted with a big sum of money to prevent the matter from leaking to the public.

Elsewhere, an MP from Western Kenya who has a penchant for ‘slay-queens’ is a man under siege.

This is after he learnt that two university students he has been dating are in the family way

The MP was over the weekend overheard confiding to his colleague that he does not know what to do, because the girls, who are in the same university hail from his constituency.

“If the media and my competitors get wind of the story, I will be completely finished politically,” the drunk lawmaker explained to his colleague at a popular Club along Mombasa Road. The MP is serving his second term.

And finally, the leadership of Migori County needs to address the issue of child prostitution in the areas of Masara in Suna West.

Child prostitution has become the norm of the town, with girls as young as 12 years thronging the town at night to sell their bodies right under the nose of authorities.

Skimpily dressed young girls roaming along the streets from one bar to the other, some holding liquor bottles and glasses, crossing the deserted road, accompanying mature men is a common sight.

A number of schools in the area have been affected, with teenage pregnancies, early marriages and school dropouts becoming the end result of this trade.

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