Shame on Nairobi Neighbors! Women are Killed only For Neighbors to Narrate they Heard Screams

The neighbors of Hellen Kwamboka, a police officer attached to Parliament, whose body was found in her Umoja house on Saturday morning, say they — on Thursday night — heard commotions, screams of a woman in pain emanating from the cop’s house.

The neighbours claim Hellen’s boyfriend had entered her house Thursday evening and that the same night, they heard Hellen screaming in distress; screams which were so sickening, prompting a section of the apartment’s occupants to rush to her house.

However, upon arriving at Hellen’s house, the screams — which lasted a few minutes — had completely faded.

The neighbors said they, as a result, felt no need of inquiring what the issue was, given the couple would often fight and later resolve their differences.

This attitude would then cost the young officer her life. Had they inquired, they might have saved her.


Hellen Kwamboka, who last reported to work on Thursday, May 23, left for home at around 7pm. That was the last time she was seen in public.

“She was expected at work on Friday, May 24, but she didn’t show up,” says a part of the statement filed at Buruburu police post.

According to police, Kwamboka’s colleagues began looking for her on Friday, when they couldn’t get hold of her on phone.

“They [colleagues] decided to go to her house at Umoja Estate, Gaikuyu Road, plot number 44, house number 42, [where], they found the house locked from [the] inside, and, [consequently], suspected that something was unusual. The house was broken into and the body of the officer was found lying on her bed with a deep cut on her head, and with blood stains all over the house,” says the police report filed by one Helen Ndambi.

“It is believed that a boyfriend, who visited her [Hellen Kwamboka] on May 23, had murdered her before escaping. The phone of the deceased was not traced and seems [it] was stolen and switched off,” said police.

Earlier this year, neighbors at a residence in Kahawa Sukari estate shocked the nation by confessing that they heard a woman- Beryl Adhiambo scream for more than four hours after she was assaulted by her husband, Laiko Osuri.

The young and pregnant woman lost her life just like that!

The nonchalant “hiyo ni shida yao” attitude by neighbors in Nairobi must stop. Be your neighbor’s keeper.

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