Somalia Bars Officials From Nairobi as War Between US, China Spills to Kenya vs Somalia

Somalia’s boundary tiff with Kenya has taken a new turn after Mogadishu barred its officials from attending any meetings hosted in Nairobi to protest last week’s visa denials.

The Somali government has also given non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Somalia one month’s notice to relocate their centers to Mogadishu or be barred from operating there.

This comes after three senior Somali officials traveling to attend the EU-sponsored cross-border conflict management programme were refused entry visas in Nairobi despite holding diplomatic passports.

On Sunday, Somalia’s Ministry of Health and Human Resources wrote to UN agencies and donors asking them to reschedule any meetings that were to be held in Nairobi.

“Due to recent travel issues to Nairobi, Kenya, the Ministry… will not be able to attend all planned and upcoming meetings, workshops, seminars and trainings to be held in Nairobi (and advices that) those events be held inside the country or… at alternative countries for ease of travel,” said Director-General Abdullahi Hashi Ali.

But this new war is deeper than just a tiff between neighbors.

This is Donald Trump growling and snarling over China’s attempts to “gain a competitive advantage” in Africa through. US is damn threatened by China and Kenya having embraced the latter- the big brother is rattled.

China offers Africa a “no-strings” arrangement, attaching no political conditions to their loans and projects.

And while it is true that China’s deep penetration of African markets has caused lots of dislocation of existing African enterprises, or that China’s policy of importing its own workforces to staff major projects is cause for resentment among Africans and Kenya is no exception(read SGR)- US is lying when it claims China’s trade policies in Africa are coercive or marked by “bribes, opaque agreements, and the strategic use of debt to hold states in Africa captive.”

US wants Kenya and Somalia to fight over a border that has millions of tonnes of deep waters minerals. US is siding with Somalia because Kenya has tightened its dealings with China.

United States and western Europe lack the capacity to mount investments in Africa that are conducive to the continent’s economic and social development. The U.S. is no longer an economic superpower; it can only intervene decisively in global affairs by force of arms and military intimidation.

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