Meet Susan Wamalwa – The woman on a Mission to turn AFC Leopards Dwindling Financial fortunes around  as the National Treasurer.  

Obulukhu wa Musasia – 

AFC leopards has always been in the news for all wrong reasons, the latest story in which it’s  reported that players were on a go-slow protest for unpaid allowances, dating back the beginning of the season is sad to say the least.

For Leopards, a club established in 1964 and which has seen great names in Kenyan soccer, such as Joe Lidonde, JJ Masiga, Mickey Weche, Bonface Mulamba, Francis Kadenge among others, should be financially stable. Sound management and innovative ideas that could turn around the club’s financials goals is what has been lacking. For decades, over reliance on political handouts or donations has been unsustainable, a situation that continues to subject the club to humiliation and even a possible relegation.


However, all is not lost for Abaluhyia Football Club (AFC). More leaders among the Luhyia nation are willing to step up and be counted in turning AFC leopards’ misfortunes into opportunities that will provide a lasting solution to what appears to be a perpetual problem.

Susan Wamalwa is one of such leaders willing to take the leadership mantle and guide AFC leopards to the next level. As AFC leopards Treasurer, Susan will brings on the table tested and tried skills, knowledge and fiduciary responsibility. She will inject a sense of freshness and perspective into the AFC leopard’s management.

Susan has over 17 years’ experience in sales and Marketing, the most important skills needed to market AFC Leopards  to potential sponsors. As an elected Treasurer for the MP Shah Employees Sacco, she helped increase membership enrollment,forge sound investment and partnership with other organizations such as Crown, Phillips and Siemens and others that saw an increase in revenue for the Sacco. She has won numerous awards including but not limited to employee of the year award at A&K global health and employee of the month Sword at MP Shah. This demonstrates her dedication to what she does best.

As a business development manager and a marketing manager, she understands both the operational and administrative aspect of an evolving organization.

If elected Treasurer, Susan plans to help increase membership enrollment as well as  gate collection. She also understands that the biggest asset for any soccer club is its players. Therefore, she plans to ensure that players are paid well and timely so that the fear of unpaid allowances does not affect their games.

Additionally, she plans to help bring on board new sponsors and a system that will ensure AFC leopards financial streams never run dry. Susan understands that sound financial management is what translates to a better game and more wins in the field, and that’s her number one priority.


Susan will make a great Treasurer and leader in the AFC leopards organization, says Delina Kingasia, one of Susan supporters, She well deserving and more than qualified.


AFC leopards’ members are requested to come forward and support Susan Wamalwa during the upcoming elections,




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