Raila is an Extortionist and a Fraudster: Miguna Miguna

The gold scam which has implicated CS Fred Matiang’i, Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Moses Wetangula has everyone talking with new plots being hatched on how to take over power from the likes of Matiang’i. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga recently came out to claim that he was the whistleblower to the whole scam that led to investigations being launched on the matter. Miguna Miguna who is still in exile now says the visit to Dubai by Raila was not to cool down the waters but to assure Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid that business is still in order.

“The People’s Con-Man has confessed to being a member of the Blood Gold Cabal. That’s why Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid knew of his involvement. The @Wetangula audiotape which the Sheikh leaked implicates @Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta and @FredMatiangi. Period! #DespotsMustFall

These are the stupid games @RailaOdinga played with Kenyans during the Artur Brothers’ scandal, with Goldenberg, Anglo-Leasing, Maize and Eurobond scams. Always claiming to be a “whistleblower” when he an EXTORTIONIST and a FRAUDSTER. #DespotsMustFall” – @MigunaMiguna

Miguna claims that the probability of Raila going to solve issues in Dubai were slim and it was mostly in his favour considering his involvement in the fake gold business. Since Matiang’i was implicated in the matter, Ruto allies have been plotting to use this predicament to impeach the CS for compromising on the internal security docket. The president has remained mum on the matter since it blew up. DPP Noordin has asked the police to fast track investigations into the matter and perpetrators brought to book. A few people have already been arrested over the matter, Jared Otieno being one of them for conning a man over 300 million shillings.

“Even lying requires intelligence and coherence. The People’s Con-Man has been caught red-handed in the Shs. 30 billion blood gold with Uhuru Kenyatta, @FredMatiangi and @Wetangulam. @RailaOdinga is desperate and drowning. #DespotsMustFall”-@MigunaMiguna



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