Kenyans Shame And Call Out DP Ruto For Lying Over Raila’s AU Job

    DP William Ruto.

    In the political arena, he is a known master of deceit and raw propaganda against his opponents.It is not new for DP William Ruto to hurl insults and unprintable words at ODM leader Raila Odinga. He continued with his diatribe on Raila Odinga this past weekend, only this time, Kenyans called his bluff, checked  and shamed him for being an incorrigible liar.

    While attending a church function on Sunday, Deputy President sensationally claimed he was responsible for giving Raila Odinga the AU job, where Odinga is the continent’s high representative of infrastructure. Ruto did not have shame lying in front of the pulpit, not knowing the public knows very well how AU came to settle on Raila Odinga for the position he currently holds in Addis.

    Kenyans on social media did not take Ruto’s constant lies and jibes at Raila Odinga kindly and called out his bluff.Here are some of the comments on a Facebook post under the video posted by DP Ruto’s spanner boy Dennis Itumbi:

    Múturi Wa Karúgútí :This man should be thankful to Raila, he has something to talk about in his money laundering church visits.

    Fuata Nyuki : Yeye nani alimpatia kazi ya kupora??

    Francis Mulei : Did Ruto say serve the Lord with fear and trembling, and after said lies, Has not read ,usishuhudia mwenzako uongo, if asked for evidence about gold saga to prove Raila is guilty, will he? This fellow is blowing cold and hot, very Disturbing.

    Mkenya Taabule : DENIS, pride comes before a fall, a very big one for WSR. Look at the mps that accompany him, political greenhorns, can didmus baraza and ben washiali add any value to the dp? Can cate waruguru and ndindi nyoro add any value to the dp.

    Eric Ndemange :If Ruto is confident that, ” walipea Raila kazi , si wafute yeye” . Ruto don’t know Raila ndie amempea kazi ya DP and looting wasn’t part of job description???

    Lishenga Ridges :A madman is one who abuses and mentions another person’s name a million times…and find no rejoinder. Raila has truly ignored you Kimwarer Arap Arror. You are bitter that now you find no money to steal and stash. Matiangi took over the government projects and Raila brought numbers to Uhuru… Whom you had put under siege for long. Endelea kubweka bweka huku. You idle.

    DP William Ruto seems to be loosing his mind.He is running out of steam and is very frustrated with Raila Odinga’s calm.It is said, when the gods want to destroy you, they first make you mad. Ruto’s destruction is slow and systematic.




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