Huduma Number Mass Registration Comes to an End Today. Have You Registered?

    The mass registration process of the Huduma number comes to an end today after the president gave a one week extension directive last week. The process which has been in place for the past two months will see Kenyans access government services easily, according to the government. All numbers that one possesses i.e ID , NHIF, NSSF will be merged into one (Huduma Number) that will make it easy for one to be identified easily through their documents.  It will end at 6pm today then a cleanup exercise will follow for data that was recorded falsely and persons affected will be asked to re-register.

    It has been a month of threats from the government where CS Dr Fred Matiang’i assured Kenyans that fail to register for Huduma number that they will be locked out of receiving any government service. Still, the exercise has been received negatively with activists like Boniface Mwangi who insist that it is a government scam.

    “Dhuluma namba ni sinema za Uhuru. Anajua wakenya ni wajinga, wanapenda new things ata kama ni namba tu. Huduma ni kama project mingi za Jubilee, ni fake. Kalongolongo. Mtu amekula tender. Kama birth certificate, KRA pin, voter’s card and ID namba yangu haitoshi,shauri yako Uhuru.” – @bonifacemwangi

    For those that have not registered, repercussions for not registering await, if the threats from the government are anything to go by.


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