Popular Senator Salivating for Beautiful TV Girl, Vows to Marry Her as Second Wife

A popular senator is said to be madly in love with a news anchor

So smitten is the youthful legislator with the beautiful journalist that he has confided in his close friends that he is ready to take the journalist as his second wife.

The lawmaker-who was on Monday night enjoying drinks with a group of his friends who included some journalists was overheard vowing that he will do anything to win the heart of the news anchor.

The story of female journalists and politicians is like that of the Moth and fire. Your adored TV anchor shows up in a five star hotel dressed to kill, for the night. She walks to the reception area, converses with the receptionist about a pre-booked suite and saunters to the lifts.

A few minutes later, a prominent public figure drives in, inquires about private parking area before taking the lift to the same hotel room where the beauty — his date for the night —awaits.

After a night of passion, the lovebirds re-emerge hand-in-hand early the next morning in what the politician christens business trip out of town. This is a tale of how most married politicians relax after a hard day’s work of building the nation.

It is more about nights of romantic escapades with clandestine lovers.

One anchor now ‘reformed and married’ once confessed that it is true that some media girls spend afternoons at Continental House entertaining male MPs romantically. They pretend they are going for assignments.

“I have since reformed. We had wine and sex, lots of sex…not once or twice, but for almost a whole parliamentary term…” she revealed.

The girl confirms claims made by former Bahari MP Joe Khamisi in his autobiography, The Politics of Betrayal: Diary of a Kenyan Legislator, in which he narrates how some lawmakers turned their cubicles into lodging facilities and private business centers.

But it is not always rosy. A media girl was recently left in the cold when her politician boyfriend kicked her out at wee hours of the night. It is rumored that the said prominent politician had a romantic affair with the girl lasting not less than six months. During this time the TV girl had her financial status upgraded as she moved houses from the ‘hardship’ Eastlands area to the leafy suburbs of Nairobi with a prized car to cap the good life image.

Streets whisper has it that after the politician (name withheld) later got fed up with her he sent his men one night close to midnight to forcefully evicted her from the house, repossessed the car and left her to her devices.

Another politician is said to have recently sent his bodyguards to reclaim a car he had bought yet another TV girl. The guards pounced on her cruising in the streets and forced her to pack her belongings. She was left stranded — by the roadside — as they drove off with the car.

Another girl was hoodwinked to take her fuel guzzler for repair only to be told to pack all her belongings from the car since it had been repossessed.

Just why do politicians and other prominent men always fall to the allure of the glamor girls? Why do they go the whole length to compromise their marital morals, leaving their spouses at home and making get away with the clandestine lovers to exotic privacy? Why are the girls unable to resist the temptation?

“Beauty can work to one’s advantage and disadvantage. If you are pure looks with no brains, this industry will be very ruthless. You can be used and abused, the problem is, they give you the car and not the log book knowing too well that you don’t own the car and that they will get it back once they are through with you,” another reveals.

According to sources, during their social meetings, MPs even go ahead to take bets on who will go to bed with a given TV reporter or anchor first.TV girls are like celebrities and as you know, some MPs like to be seen with them just for the sake of fame and beauty. In this, they will lure her with financial offers just to be seen with her, ideally for sexual gains. Rarely is there love involved.

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