Did The US Cancel Ruto’s Visa Ahead Of His Visit?

    US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter Image: COURTESY

    Four days ago, US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter warned  corrupt Kenyans will neither be allowed into the US nor pay for their children’s education there.He was speaking in Nairobi during the  Junior Achievement Organisation 100 years celebration.

    “You cannot allow somebody to steal Sh 20 billion and fine them Sh 10 billion. We deal with thieves in a very brutal way, not even according to the law. Somehow, we tolerate the theft of billions in Kenya. If we stop tolerating thievery, Kenya will be a shining star for democracy and prosperity in Africa,” he said.

    DP William Ruto’s anticipated trip to the US and Canada has been cancelled last minute, just four days after Ambassador McCarter’s announcement. Ruto has been implicated in a number of corruption cases within the government and he is seen as as a major stumbling block against war on corruption. The DP has publicly fought institutions tasked with investigating and prosecution of corruption, calling them out for political witch hunt and saying they are working under instructions of politicians.

    Interestingly, the US ambassador made the statement while in presence of the DCI director George Kinoti, and vowed United States was behinds the DCI ‘100 percent.’ It then evokes curiosity as to whether Kinoti furnished the ambassador with intelligence regarding Ruto’s visit to his country prompting him to cancel his visa.

    Other versions of the story have emerged as to why Ruto’s trip to the US has been cancelled, citing State House interference. It is believed an  official in the Directorate of America in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was reportedly sent packing by Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma for facilitating Ruto’s trip.


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