Nairobi River Dumping Hub for Aborted Babies


    The cleaning exercise at the Nairobi River has unveiled the known rot that the society engages in, conducting abortion illegally. It has been a debate that never seems to sit well with the government as up to know it is against the law to procure an abortion in Kenya. So far since the cleaning exercise began, eight bodies of aborted babies have since been retrieved from the Nairobi River.

    Abortion might be illegal in Kenya but most young ladies and even older who engage in unsafe sex find themselves in this predicament which is taking most lives. Even with risks such as losing a lot of blood that can lead to death, abortion rate is still at an all time high.

    Nairobi river is one of the many places that aborted babies are dumped, if only toilet walls could talk, they would narrate the same story. Many that have not been accounted for make it scarier, to imagine the kind of trauma most young women put themselves in.

    Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko who is overlooking the cleaning exercise in most parts of the county, says hospitals that dump bodies of aborted babies risk closure as they are polluting the river. Threats are overrated and seeing most hospitals are keen to clean up their mess once they hit the spotlight then return to being filthy once the dust settles. It is quite unfortunate. Maybe it is high time burying of aborted babies should be advocated for, the guilt could maybe eat us up and stop with this vice?


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