Khalwale’s Defection To Jubilee Is The Most Insignificant In Political History

    Boni Khalwale when he defected to Jubilee.

    Boni Khalwale once again proves his politics is not pegged on ideology, but where the brown envelop is swinging, a camp in which the needs of his tummy are catered for.After misleading Musalia Mudavadi in 2013, to vie for presidency with the defunct UDF  Party, he left the son of Mudamba in a political wilderness.This trend has been consistent it was just a matter of time before he jumped ship out of Ford-Kenya, leaving Wetangula in the same wilderness.

    When his 2017 ambitions to be governor of Kakamega were at steak, he half heartedly joined Ford-Kenya because selling Jubilee in Kakamega was like pork inside a mosque.He never had any ideological bearing with Ford-Kenya, a party which was founded on strong ideals and principles by Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Khalwale joining Ford-Kenya was because of his unbridled envy and hate against the governor, Wycliffe Oparanya who whitewashed him in the polls.

    By joining Ford-Kenya, and being installed as its Deputy Party leader, Khalwale was being given bigger political responsibilities which went beyond his thirst to be governor.Unknown to party officials, the weak bullfighter never had a broad shoulder to carry such a huge responsibility. His stomach outweighed the muscles on his back, Ford-Kenya was given a lame duck in the name of a Deputy Party Leader.

    When his self serving interests failed to pay off, Boni was into another scheme to resuscitate his dead political life.He failed to use Raila Odinga as an oxygen to bring him back to life. Odinga has a solid base in the entire Western region, he thought any associations with Tinga would automatically make him inherit his base.It was a spectacular failure. Raila Odinga’s allegiance is with the area governor, Wycliffe Oparanya, who also is ODM Deputy Party leader.The governor has made his base even more solid following the exemplary performance he has shown as county chief.

    Khalwale’s remaining option to make another stab at Kakamega county politics was to join Ruto. His political life is a shelf of its former self.He has no constituency and has been reduced to a choir master in Ruto’s entourage.The DP knows Khalwale is an attention leech so he had to lay him the trap by visiting his Malinya home, and having him ‘defect’ to Jubilee in front of cameras. What defection is it, when it is in public domain Khalwale has been supporting Ruto since last year March?

    This is one of the most insignificant defections in Kenya’s political history. It holds on bearing or impacts. Kakamega county remains under the lock of Governor Oparanya  and The ODM Party for many years to come.


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