Teachers Will Not And Cannot Work With Arrogant CS George Magoha, KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion Vows

    KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion.

    It was just a matter of time before the newly appointed Education CS, Prof George Magoha begins to ruffle feathers in the Education Ministry. The Education ministry has become a war zone, with teachers on one side and Professor Magoha on the other.

    What started off as a small disagreement over the proposed new curriculum has morphed into a big war which is threatening entire ministry and how policy will be enforced. The Education ministry fully depends on KNUT to have programs rolled out by the government to be enforced, if KNUT is at logger heads with the ministry officials, country’s education sector is most likely to go into a limbo.

    KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion has hit out at Professor Magoha and accused him of being an arrogant dictator who only believes his way is the only way. The tussle between Magoha and Sossion is over the proposed new curriculum in which the two have disagreed on when exactly it should be rolled out.

    ”The needs assessment was poorly done and therefore it cannot guide this country. Summative evaluation is key in curriculum development what Prof Magoha presided over at KICD yesterday is unheard off and has never been witnessed anywhere in the world,” Sossion said.

    The nominated MP said teachers must not be forced with the new curriculum and they should first be trained before the proposed roll out. Attempts by CS Magoha to force teachers into the new program he says will be brutally resisted by teachers in Kenya.

    “You need time to train teachers at pre-service level and not teachers who are already in service. The trainers do not understand the curriculum,” he said. He also said Kenyans are being forced with the new curriculum since it allow for privatization of education and that it is a ploy for business people to make profit off Kenyans, once implemented.

    ”The UK has declined it… it’s a proposition of business interests who want to mess up public education and promote the privatization. Private school owners are purporting they are ready because they know public schools don’t have the infrastructure to drive CBC neither do they have personnel or even classrooms,” he added.


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