Exposing Boniface Mwangi, Fake Activist And An Operative On Government Payroll

    Boniface Mwangi./COURTESY

    An activist is not the person who says the river is dirty, an activist is the man who cleans up the river.This person is not Boniface Mwangi. If he is not selling photos of maimed Kenyans to wazungus and donors, he is staging protests with intent of winning international sympathy as well as parading himself in the press as a victim of police brutality and government high handedness.

    Boniface Mwangi has been exposed as an individual in business who thrives on tragedies facing Kenyans, to make millions of shillings without having to break a sweat.A couple of days ago, he colluded with officers from the DCIO to stage manage his arrest, where before the arrest, he was given ample time to suit up, put on his best clothes with a Kenyan flag print. Mwangi has failed to convince Kenyans if he truly stands for anything or he is just a puppet reaping from his monthly street drama.

    Questions are now emerging how he managed to take grisly pictures of butchered Kenyans during the 2007/2008 PEV without being harmed by the perpetrators. The Mungiki group which was butchering Kenyans at that time. For one to infiltrate such a dreaded gang and take pictures plus record videos of the murders,they must have an unfettered access as well as protection from senior members of the sect. PEV pictures Mwangi took were mainly from the Kikuyu dominated areas, a community he comes from.If Mwangi truly wanted to show what was happening to the world at that time, why did he not take pictures of the killers who butchered Kenyans in his presence?

    Activists world over believe in the rule of law and a higher cause, that in the long run serves justice to the oppressed as well a s victims of evil political schemes and authority.Has Mwangi ever presented pictures of 2007/2008 killers so that they be brought to book, and served justice as part of his cause?Nay. He has not.

    Kenya is a country of hypocrites, where people like Mwangi are planted by authorities so that real revolutionaries do not have space to thrive or build solid movements.State is ahead of its game.The word revolution is tagged on  puppets like Mwangi so that Kenyans may grow complacent against  any thoughts of a  revolt.

    Mwangi is a collaborator with the oppressing systems in our republic.He works in consortium with these forces to dumb down Kenyans. His activism is all about dividends and profit without serving a single interest of the people he purports to fight for.


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