“Your ego is bigger than your girlish ass” Moses Kuria blasts David Ndii


What would Kenyan  twitter be without the likes of intellectuals like Ndii who has made it his lifelong mission online to school tweeps on the what is what in the country , and Moses Kuria who spits venom anytime he’s unable to fully express himself?

Who knew that a discussion on coffee production in Kenya would earn economist David Ndii the sissy title, Divergent opinion in Moses Kuria’s world equals insults. When most people are sleeping at 1 am in the morning, Mheshimiwa is spewing bile on the timeline. But the comebacks from such tweefs are what make twitter alive. Like the popular John Michuki saying, If you rattle a snake, be ready to be bitten.

Mhesh hapendi ujinga. Mugui wa utuku ucokagio haria wokira-

Hahaha . Kuria ambia Daktari awache theory mingi-

An inappropriate response from a dishonorable Mpig. Bure kabisa.

your tweets are life- 

you throw out a bunch of words meant as an insult but when others look at your ‘insult’ they all begin to worry about you…..- 

Yaani ulikaa china kuangalia size ya haga ya mwanaume ndio u tweet upuss? Foot in mouth disease..- 


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