The Day DCI Boss George Kinoti And Chief Justice Maraga Almost Came To Blows

Philomena Mwilu (DCJ) and David Maraga (CJ).

DCI Boss George Kinoti and Kenya’s Chief Justice almost came to blows over Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, who was the subject of a criminal investigation last year  28th August.Mr Kinoti and the CJ fall out is detailed in a new book which captures events of August 2017 nullified presidential elections and what consequences followed the Judiciary.

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon,  DCI boss Kinoti stormed the Supreme Court building which houses both the Chief Justice and his deputy, Philomena Mwilu. Kinoti was accompanied  with an entourage of officers armed to teeth, with every kind of firepower for just one harmless woman.The Supreme Court parking lot was like a battle field, vehicles horns blaring and all head lamps switch on in a spectacular alarmist nature.

This  commotion would then draw attention of  Justice Maraga who walked out of his office to find out what was going on.It is in this moment  he came face to face with George Kinoti. A bullish heavily built figure with a mean face.Nobody could tell when he last had a smile flash across his face.He meant business.He had come to arrest Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, who had a number of criminal allegations labelled against her, including tax evasion,corruption and abuse of office.

According to the new book, 60 Days of Independence,Chief Justice felt that the DCI boss was overstepping their mandate as the Judiciary had its own procedural ways of not only reprimanding judges who sat on the Supreme Court, but also means to investigate their conduct. Philomena Mwilu’s fate squarely laid with the JSC,not DCI. Having this in mind, the Chief Justice attempted to prevent arrest of his deputy and this is where hell broke lose.

“Who do you think you are?” Mr Kinoti is quoted as telling the CJ, according to the report, after a daylong confrontation at Maraga’s boardroom that Tuesday afternoon.Tension had ran so high the DCI boss lost his cool and was almost charging at the calm and composed Maraga, who stood his ground and it was like he was winning.

Fearing extreme confrontation and even physical assault on her boss, Deputy Chief Justice surrendered herself to the detectives something the book records, ”She felt that the affront to her boss was unnecessary and offered to go with the detectives”.

The new book is jointly  written by the International Commission of Jurists – consisting senior judges, lawyers and academia from the legal profession, and the Journalists For Justice.It  provides a detailed account of the mostly behind-the-scenes events surrounding the last three presidential election petitions.



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