Kenyan Embassy’s Misinformed decision to force Kenyans in the U.S to travel to D.C for Huduma Number.

By Al Musasia –

Kenyans in the United States will have to travel to Washington D.C to apply for a Huduma number. Reliable reports reaching our desk indicate that this requirement is informed on the fact that all applicants have to get their biometrics taken, hence, the need for them to travel to D.C.

For a family of four applying for a Huduma number, they will need to budget for more than $2,000.00 in airfare and accommodation costs while in D.C. That’s if they are traveling from Texas. An average round trip ticket between Houston, TX and Washington D.C costs about $300 dollars, that’s the pain Kenyans in the diaspora will have to bear in order to acquire the number.

Lack of proper planning and preparation has dogged the implementation of the Huduma number. Long queues have been seen today as new applicants across Kenya rushed to beat the deadline. The Kenyan government has warned that no one will receive government services without the number, while at the same time insisting that the exercise was voluntary, but not mandatory.

Its unclear why the government would not enlist an established company in the U.S with a broad network to collect biometric data close to where majority if Kenyans live. The Kenyan embassy in Washington D.C continues to display incompetence and unconsidered decision making to the dismay of majority of Kenyans in the diaspora.

Kenyans in the U.S hope that the new Ambassador with bring a new impetus and perspective to the office; that will make the interests and welfare of Kenyans in the diaspora a priority in his daily considerations.


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