It Gets Murkeir As Atwoli Declares Himself 3rd in Command After Uhuru and Raila

Central Organization of Trade Union (COTU) secretary general Francis Atwoli on Tuesday night declared his wealth on national TV.

Atwoli, who was being interviewed on NTV’s Sidebar, listed his assets that included his two wives and 17 children.

The Cotu boss went on to declare that he has two bank accounts with National Bank of Kenya where he is a Director and Barclays Bank of Kenya – a savings one and a current one – adding that he has 26 cows, 15 of them being in Khwisero and 11 in Kajiado.

“I have a Mercedes Benz, I have a Prado, you can go and check from Toyota how I acquired that Prado everything I have, you can,” Atwoli said.

He further explained that he has been on salary since 1967 and no one should question the source of his wealth.

Atwoli went on to revisit how during his first election he was sponsored to vie by by a former union adding that he is an official in various international workers unions through which he earns.

“How do I come back from all these positions and come here and start crying and say I can’t bring a meal on the table, I am a poor person. Workers have supported me, I have worked for them, I report to my office that 5am and leave after 7 working for them, and they are paying me. You can audit me, we want auditing of Kenyan leaders,” Atwoli said.

Watch him mention his source of wealth in the video below courtesy of Nairobi News

“My father told me there is no shortcut to leadership and no shortcut to riches. If you acquire riches through shortcuts we will see you coming down,” he added.

The fiery trade unionist also made a sensational claim that he is the third in command after President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“After President Uhuru Kenyatta, it is Raila Odinga and then Francis Atwoli, nobody else, if you see any other person, they are donkeys. You can carry out your own research!” he said.

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