Kidero’s Former PA and Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa’s Toy Boy Attempts Suicide

Police have allegedly arrested a man identified as Jeff Okuto for attempted suicide.

Okuto is said to be an estranged boyfriend to Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa.

Okuto who has been struggling with depression tried to kill himself after Jumwa dumped him for another man.

According to sources, Okuto was frustrated on realizing that Jumwa also had allegedly transferred Shs 10m from their joint account to her personal account.

The two have been in a two year relationship before she dumped him for a ‘better’ catch. Okuto was Kidero’s PA when he served as governor.


Okuto is on the right

Jumwa who is divorced was married to a guy in Takaungu who was a fisherman at Takaungu fisheries society.  He was also an elder in the community around and leader of the fisheries society.

The women representative who was born in the 1970s is said to have started as a political activist at the Coast, going around, attending political meetings and yelling herself hoarse over what she termed as injustices at the Coast.

Her husband got jittery with each meeting she attended. He finally told her to stop. Jumwa refused, and when he threatened to divorce her, she told him to suit himself.

“He said if I wanted to continue with my life, I should pay him dowry. We went to the sub-chief, made the decision and I paid back the dowry,”.

In fact, word has it that she Personally whipped the dowry cows, all the way to her in-laws.

After the divorce, she went full throttle into politics and was elected Kilifi Woman Representative. During campaigns, she wowed crowds through song, dance, poems, and punchy speeches delivered in flawless Swahili.

She is today the serving Malindi MP

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