Gideon Moi ready for talks with William Ruto over 2022 bid

    Kalenjin elders have called for unity in Rift Valley.

    Gideon Moi is ready to work with William Ruto if the D.P. has good intentions. [Image:]

    Rift Valley is set to choose William Ruto as its 2022 presidential candidate, and Gideon Moi is okay with it, though reluctantly.

    This comes after claims that the deputy president met with Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and had a comprehensive discussion about the future of the region. However, Gideon’s team has distanced itself from the allegations, something which appears to be a mere political move.

    Former president Daniel Moi is one of the kingmakers in the country. He is one of the powerful people who decide whether a person can or cannot become president in Kenya. It is no wonder that even in his frail age, politicians travel from as far as coast to “see” him.

    While almost all prominent politicians have access to the retired president, William Ruto and members of his Tanga Tanga Movement do not have that privilege.

    Gideon Moi has several times blocked Ruto’s attempts to “see” Moi, a clear sign of territorial bullying. Many Kalenjins now see the rivalry between Ruto and Gideon as barrier to the unity of Rift Valley, and they want the two to sort out their issues before 2022.

    At a burial of an influential teacher in Rift Valley last weekend, Kalenjin elders called for unity in the region. This call has since been interpreted as a “building-the-bridges” or “handshake” Rift Valley edition.

    In response to the call, Gideon Moi asked his rivals to quit associating him with 2022, clearly indicating that he was changing his stand but it was too soon to proclaim it.  Furthermore, Gideon emphasized that if anyone wants a handshake they must only extend “clean” hands. It is thus safe to say that Gideon Moi is ready to work with William Ruto if the D.P. has good intentions.

    It will not come as a surprise when Gideon Moi finally joins William Ruto’s camp for the sake of peace and unity in Rift Valley. Despite being son of a former president, Gideon Moi knows his shortcomings. He knows that he is no match for son of Sugoi. He will not allow Team Tanga Tanga to humiliate him so he must make peace with the deputy president soon.


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