Stop Too Much Politics And Help President Uhuru Achieve Big 4, Gideon Moi To DP Ruto

    Methodist Presiding Bishop Joseph Ntombura, Nominated MP Maina Kamanda, Baringo senator Gedion Moi and Gladys Wanga at Runogone Methodist Church on Sunday May 12,2019. /COURTESY

    Baringo Senator Gideon Moi seems to have changed tact.He is secretly assembling forces with a covert help from State House and Raila Odinga’s camp.The senator is getting out of his comfort zone and trying to flex his political muscles as a warm up to the major declaration he will make in the near future.Whether he is running for president, or not.

    In a well orchestrated, strategic attack on DP Ruto,Senator Moi has shredded the president’s deputy into tiny pieces,accusing him of abandoning the head state’s 4 point plan meant to cement President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy as well as change the lives of Kenyans.

    Speaking in Meru on Sunday, during a fundraiser  at  Runugone Methodist Church,the KANU Chair said it is time to work for Kenyans and when that time comes to declare his interest, he shall do so, but not right now.

    “There is no better starting point than starting with the Lord. When that time comes, we shall all remove our courts, and throw ourselves to the battleground.Let us not dwell on too much politics for now. Let us help President Uhuru to deliver his promise to Kenyans,” he said.

    Gideon, who was accompanied by MPs Gladys Wanga, Maina Kamanda and other leaders said he was sure of the support of Meru people and was not worried at all on their vote.However, he insisted the need to not politicize Uhuru’s Big Four.

    “This will allow him to finish his agenda. We can all see that many Kenyans are dying because of poverty and cannot access health care, if we are going to politicize Uhuru’s Big Four Agenda then it will be a disservice to Kenyans.”

    DP Ruto and Senator Gideon are arch political rivals and do not see eye to eye.While Ruto feels the younger Moi should throw his weight behind him, the Senator says any move to endorse any leader must be informed by the need to benefit every Kenyan,not just individuals.


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