How Ruto Has Sabotaged President Uhuru’s War On Corruption

    President Uhuru Kenyatta and Interior CS Fred Matiangi./COURTESY

    After being fed up with daily headlines and numerous dossiers exposing rampant theft and looting of billions in his government, President Uhuru Kenyatta took a bold step to change things. His war on corruption was not only to prosecute and jail corrupt individuals in his government but also to reclaim the nation’s ethos, which had fallen down to the dirt.

    This war was gaining momentum in its first few months of inception and Kenyans were getting hopeful that finally, the dragon of corruption was going to be completely slayed by President Uhuru Kenyatta. His tough talk convinced a section of Kenyans that country was on the right path towards elimination of graft. Investigative agencies were seen as working and DPP as well as the DCI grew to become Kenyans’ most favorite institutions, they had won confidence of more than half of citizens.

    However, as all these happening, DP Ruto and his conglomerates were burning midnight oil trying to come up with strategy to stop the blood thirsty DCI and DPP from closing in on them. They had already known then, just like they still know right now, that with the momentum DCI and the DPP were on, it was just a matter of time before things closed in on them.

    Ruto hurriedly assembled his team comprising politicians and statecraft to jump ahead of the gun and the first assault was on the investigative agencies tasked with investigating and presenting evidence on theft to the Judiciary for prosecution. The attacks, led by DP Ruto himself were meant to discredit both offices before the public and give them a bad name, that whatever they do, will already be tainted by the tag of a political witch hunt as DP and his allies had alluded.

    Ruto is on record saying the DCI had zero mandate to investigate cases on corruption.He made several outrageous claims, including one saying DCIO head George Kinoti was working under instructions of some powerful people in and out of government to selectively fight corruption.

    These constant attacks on the DPP as well as the DCIO appear to have been successful as both offices have drastically slowed down from the earlier tempo and momentum they had when DPP Nordin Haji was appointed to office in  April 2018.

    The other move Ruto made was to join hands with the dirty hands in Kenya’s deep-state,. These are individuals who continue to make billions of shillings and run thriving businesses worth billions in the country. They are some of the  individuals who would be hardest hit by a successful war on corruption. Their corrupt deals were on the verge of being exposed and their multi million business empires were on the verge of collapse. DP Ruto approached these faceless individuals and informed the on what was at stake, and they had to fight back.

    This fighting back was in form of unleashing millions to bribe or block investigations as well as judicial proceedings so that the cases do not become successful in courts.As things stand today, the investigative agencies appear to have been subdue.Interestingly, the political attacks have also toned down, because the DCI and the DPP might have conformed to the demands.


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