Mr President, Where Are You ?

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives for the extraordinary session of the African Union's Assembly of Heads of State and Government on the case of African Relationship with the International Criminal Court (ICC), in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, October 12, 2013. Africa has agreed that sitting heads of state should not be tried by the ICC where Kenya's leaders are in the dock, ministers said before African leaders opened a summit on Saturday. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri (ETHIOPIA - Tags: CRIME LAW POLITICS)


Is the president suffering from shame after failing to secure the bag? This is what is on many peoples minds hence the hashtag #findPresidentUhuru. The head of state has not made a public appearance since landing from China and Kenyans cant help but speculate where the top boss is .

President Uhuru Kenyatta is missing since he left China. No one has a clear record of him appearing in public. If you can see this tweet, retweet to help #FindPresidentUhuru. KENYANS should never go 24hrs or beyond not knowing where their president is. Umemwona mahali? Tell us- @ItsMutai

We should elect another before he returns with more debts to pay. Think quick man. Think.- @OAbira

What difference does it make when he is there anyway? We need a new CEO not this incompetent one.- @johnayanga

#FindPresidentUhuru I have seen this hashtag doing rounds. Kwani who are these missing Uhuru Kenyatta. For me, he better disappears forever, that useless fellow!- @Kish_w45

I hope and pray the president is in good heath (Sometime last year they said he wasn’t feeling well). Wish you well Mr President wherever you are. #FindPresidentUhuru@NNGLaw

OMG #Kenyans Are searching for their president, I laughed so hard when I come across this hashtag #FindPresidentUhuru We do missing posters? We can stick them on airplanes windows heading to China and Europe Reading Bring our Uhuru back to #Nairobi I will sponsor 10 banners.- @EzekielMureithi

Where do you think the president is ?


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