Kisumu Girls’ Student Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances


A form one student at one of the most prestigious schools in Kisumu County succumbed in the school premises early Friday morning. The student had been sick for a while before meeting her death. She reportedly went to the dormitory around 6:30 am and overstayed which raised suspicion with her classmates. They found her frail and unable to walk, that is when the student was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. There haven’t been clear reports of how she died and there is speculation that the student had died in school before she was taken to hospital. others claim that the student was found dead in class by her classmates who noticed that she was unconscious, having not moved an inch to go for breakfast that morning.

The matter is being investigated by the Kisumu Sub-County director of education, police and clear answers that surround the mysterious death will be unraveled.

Schools deaths are not a new phenomenon in Kenya. There have been reports of school heads that try to cover up deaths after a student dies in the school premises. It is an unfortunate scenario that leaves a parent in distress especially when other students who have information surrounding such deaths are usually silenced by the respective school authorities. In this case, the trend of not following up deaths that occur in school must be broken and lasting solution sought to prevent such accidents from occurring.


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