Aisha Jumwa Bashes Government for failing to Provide Resources to Underprivileged Areas


The black sheep of the NASA coalition party this time took time away from the drama at NASA and lent a helping hand to the people of Kilifi County. Hon Aisha Jumwa paid a visit to a school in Kilifi County that sparked outrage after it emerged that students from the school sat on bricks during class sessions.

“This afternoon, I paid a courtesy call to Mangororo Pry Sch. on invitation of the area MP, Hon. Teddy Mwambire where I donated 50desks, 100bags of cement and 300pieces of iron sheets in aid of the school after photos of pupils sitting on bricks sub-merged in water went viral.” – Aisha Jumwa.

New desks that were donated

Mangororo Primary School until the donation made, had no desks and students had to learn under trees. The head teacher of the school said pupils in the school used to learn in dire conditions and leaders were not able to revive the situation in as much as reports show that 2M shillings was allocated to the school .

In her speech at the school, Aisha Jumwa said that it is the duty of the national government to ensure that education in such places goes on without any kind of interruption and there should be an investment made to ensure pupils have all if not most resources that will help them in school .

A few tweeps had a few things to say about Jumwa donating to the school :

The sad part is some FY’s back 2M was allocated for construction of a 2block classroom yet no one knows where the allocated money is?! Its so disheartening.- 

I’m pretty sure every year there is a budget to fix what needs to be fixed in that county-  

Someone has to answer you but you’re asking the wrong people the right question. There was a budget for this, just no accountability so donations are given for PR and shame management.

Must you wait for the pictures of the kids to go viral. Stop the PR gimmick and be honest in serving your people. It is shameful to see such pictures in 21st century. uko wapi kaka..?- 


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