How Uhuru Worked Behind the Scenes to Ensure Ruto’s ‘Murang’a Declaration’ Rally is Cancelled

    The alleged prayer rally scheduled for Murang’a that Deputy President William Ruto was to attend tomorrow has been canceled for the second time.

    Only that this time, it was not about the organizers (who are bishops) fighting over facilitation money- President Uhuru Kenyatta himself saw it canceled.

    While to the common eyes, the event was billed as a prayer rally- it was set to be a Murang’a declaration where politicians from the said County which has produced the highest number of Billionaires currently in Kenya- were to declare unwavering support for the Sugoi Prince.

    But the Gatundu hegemon was having none of it! Rattled that the move was going to solidify the growing defiance in his own Mt. Kenya backyard and further incited by State House anti-Ruto honchos- sources intimate that Uhuru personally called the parties involved in the event and ordered them to dare allow it take place.

    DP William Ruto./COURTESY

    Murang’a County Woman Rep Sabina Chege confirmed that political temperatures tilting between 800-1000 degrees Celsius contributed to the calling off of the ‘prayer rally.’

    Sadly, by Wednesday night, over 200 MPs, Governors and Senators from around the Country had confirmed attendance through a Whatsapp group formed for the same meeting. It is this Intel that roused Uhuru into action.

    A tanga tanga MP did not mince words and was forthright.

    “The President canceled the meeting! There was panic within the government over the large number of leaders who had confirmed attendance. Uhuru asked the DP to call off the meeting.”

    Didmus Baraza- a staunch pharisee of Ruto could not hide his angst. He hit the roof.

    “Kieleweke has the blessings of Uhuru and has been transversing the country holding events. Why is Ruto’s event canceled just because someone somewhere is not comfortable with it?”

    President Uhuru Kenyatta./COURTESY

    Pundits attribute this to Uhuru using Niccolo Machiavelli’s blue print on governance and consolidating power. The author of the famously infamous book ‘The Prince’ advocates for a leader who is cunning like a wolf and brutish.

    Uhuru would not sit pretty and watch Ruto flex his muscles in the President’s own backyard. Who would?

    However, Uhuru allowed Ruto to go on with his night meetings. What he would not condone were open rallies masquerading as prayer events.

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