Did you Know Kissing Can Spread Gonorrhoea

    Photo Courtesy: Pull back of two people kissing at sunset - Stock Video Footage - Dissolve

    Now, apparently Kissing with tongues can spread the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhoea, a study has shown!

    Australian researchers from the Monash University and the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre say the STI can be caught through saliva And spreading the infection this way may be more common than expected.

    The researchers found out that gay men were more likely to have gonorrhoea in their throat than their penis – and the risk of spreading it was greater for kissing than for oral sex.

    The research into oropharyngeal gonorrhoea comes amid growing concerns about ‘super’ strains of the STI that are becoming resistant to the medicine. Global reports of gonorrhoea strains which are evolving to stop antibiotics working against them is a major cause for concern.

    The research is published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, part of the British Medical Journal.

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