EXPOSED : Chinese Firm, OPPO Kenya Involved In Massive Tax Evasion And Fraud

By Special Correspondent

If they are not taking over Kenyan businesses and mistreating their employees, the Chinese are evading taxes and committing serious fraud in Kenya. It has become a common trend for them to feel above the law and show Kenyans the middle finger knowing very well nobody will take action. We are slaves in our own country and the Chinese are proud masters holding everyone by the balls.

After numerous allegations on tax fraud and evasion, we set out to investigate if these claims were true and what we have unearthed is serious cases of fraud by OPPO Kenya.The company has been changing its names and using multiple bank accounts to commit fraud. When it first  came into the country, the firm was registered under the name ANTS mobile until January 2017, when they changed their name to ADVAN Mobile. It would later change its name, yet again in 2018 to Andeys Company, Turns out, all these name changes and identity  were purposeful to make it easier for the owner to evade taxes as well as to ensure employees do not claim permanent engagement with the company. With that, the company owners were assured of keeping their profit and making more money off the government as well as their underpaid staff.

OPPO Kenya and its multiple changed names has been running two parallel bank accounts with Equity bank. Sources within the bank indicate an account registered as Advan, account number 0810271174016 is tax compliant but  the company forces their sales agents to give customers a separate back account which is owned by an individual. Account number 0810269113970 named LIU NIANNIAN is the most used account by the company to transact business, an account that does not file any tax returns.

The company’s CEO Patrick Cheng advised his employees never to make remittances to the LUI NIANNIAN  account as it would expose them to authorities. For fear of being exposed, Mr Cheng transferred all the amount of money in the LUI NIANNIAN account  to another different account called UNICOM. What begs more questions is why Equity bank has allowed itself to be used in conducting such serious frauds by foreign companies. Is OPPO Kenya in bed with local banks to defraud the government?


Interestingly, we have found out  after the company suspected being exposed, it made a franchise deal with a trader along Luthuli Avenue, through one of its managers, Charles Mwaura and opened another bank account under his name, used for making payments.The account, registered under  Deq Baare, Account number 00291667623620 is used specifically for payments, to avoid being exposed for tax evasion. OPPO Kenya also holds another account, Andeys, number 0810276886273 with the same Equity Bank.

Tax evasion and fraud is not the only thing OPPO Kenya is engaged in. Company’s owners and top managers are highly corrupt and unprofessional. Any employee who dares question how things are run is threatened and blackmailed with being fired.The HR, Madam Mary Kiaberere for example was appointed to the position through dubious means. She has no HR Certificates to enable her be in that position.

The DCI and ODPP should take up this case as a matter of fierce urgency.The Serious Crimes unit should nab the perpetrators because the amount of evidence in our possession is very incriminating. OPPO Kenya should not only be de-registered, but also banned from transacting any businesses in the country. Tax evasion is a serious crime that threatens the existence of a republic.


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