Why Tanga Tanga Ship Is Losing Steam In Central Kenya

    President Uhuru Kenyatta./COURTESY

    Things are getting murkier for Team Tanga Tanga. It emerges that the ground is slowly shifting under their feet despite their numerous trips to the populous region, to drum up support for William Ruto and castigate President Uhuru Kenyatta.Only few weeks ago, the team was seen as having an upper hand against the rival camp, Kieleweke. Why is the ground shifting and locals distancing themselves from the amorphous grouping?

    After his handshake with Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been on the receiving end from MPs in his own backyard.They have castigated the head of state for working with Raila Odinga. These constant attacks on the president have consistently painting him as the victim. Uhuru changed tact in tackling Tanga Tanga issues by choosing not to directly engage the MPs, instead, he has been silent and has  continued to publicly endorsed Raila Odinga despite the backlash.

    By being a victim of constant attacks from DP Ruto’s point men in Mt Kenya, locals have become sympathetic to the head of state, seeing him as someone who is intent on working for Kenyans and he is being crucified for it.This is slowing galvanizing his base given the direct influence of the Kenyattas in Mt Kenya politics.

    The other hand, Tanga Tanga is finally realizing Uhuru’s influence in Mt Kenya is deep and it cannot just be wiped out by mere political rallies.The president is not only supported by the poor masses, but also has immense support of power brokers and billionaires from the region.The elite and Kenya’s deep state, from Mt Kenya region have their weight behind the president.This is something Tanga Tanga has been unable to tilt.

    It has been an uphill task to penetrate Central Kenya without Uhuru Kenyatta’s blessings and in extension the First Family. Tanga Tanga MPs only route has been premising their opposition to the president on a supposed political deal between Uhuru and Ruto, something that has refused to take off with the common, rural Kikuyu voter in the villages.

    The other problem is the tag of betrayers which is increasingly growing.During 2017 campaigns, MPs from Central Kenya were using President Uhuru Kenyatta’s name to campaign, urging electorates to elect them, so that they defend the government of Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi.However, this has not been the case,as they have turned out to do the opposite.Locals are also fatigued with constant politicking.They want their leaders to concentrate on pledges they made in 2017.


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