Uhuru, Raila Alliance Is Ready. MP Joshua Kutuny

    MP Joshua Kutuny./COURTESY

    Outspoken Cherangany MP  Joshua Kutuny  has claimed a political alliance between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga is ready.He confirms  it is just a matter of time before the team is unveiled to the public, at an invent which will be graced by the two leaders.

    The MP has continued to fire salvos at Tanga Tanga group, giving them a warning of impending political annihilation from the alliance, which he says is going to tilt Kenya’s political landscape for good.He has also acknowledged the impact Raila Odinga has had with him joining hands to work with Uhuru saying the country would be ungovernable with the current torrid state the nation is in.

    “If Raila was still out (of government) with the unemployment, global warming, and poor economy, if Raila called a meeting in Uhuru Park, it would have been trouble. I was part of the team which urged the president to reach out to his brother, and that is why Uhuru should carry on,” says the MP.

    He warned Ruto and his allies to be very cautious because the alliance between Uhuru and Raila, is a political tsunami that is going to sweep everything on its way.

    “They should not play with this alliance that is being formed by the two leaders. This is a tsunami in the making. When you see baba and Uhuru coming, be humbled,” he continued.

    Earlier on,nominated MP Maina Kamanda had also given a hint over the alliance between  two Kenya’s most prominent leaders.He even went ahead to say that the unity between Jubilee and ODM is what the president himself is vouching for.

     ”We will have a new coalition in 2022. The President has been candid that we can’t follow the same path we used before, and that we will have an inclusive government,” Mr Kamanda said in Limuru.


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