Technical University Student Exposes Sex Orgies and Drug Racket Right in the Campus

A Technical University student has raised alarm over what is a very gory picture at the happenings at the University right in the heart of Nairobi.

In his own words, he wrote:

“I would like to raise serious concerns about the activities and events taking place behind the university directly behind Q block; commonly known as BLOCK Z.

There is a gang of drug dealers mainly comprised of expelled and suspended former comrades of TUK and other outsiders mainly residing in Mathare North and South B who have been selling weed/ bangi/ marijuana/ shash at block Z for years. The authorities and the institution are very aware of them and have continued to tolerate them.

Last semester, a friend of mine who smokes a lot of marijuana/ shash bought some from Block Z to smoke at his house in Mlango. Upon smoking, he started behaving like a psycho, laughing and disturbing everyone around him. This continued for about 20 minutes before he fell down and started convulsing. He was rushed to Guru Nanak hospital where he was treated.

At first, the doctors thought it was food poisoning. Upon conducting tests, it was established that the comrade had consumed a significant dose of cocaine. His father was very shocked…upon cross examination by the harsh father, he confessed that he is a heavy cigarrete and marijuana smoker, but he has never seen or tasted cocaine.

The father, who seems to know a lot about drugs decided to dig deep and find out where his son could have been laced with cocaine. He asked him to bring him some samples from Block Z and other areas where he buys weed. The samples from Block Z were found be laced with cocaine. It is said that the cocaine creates an addiction to that particular marijuana so you keep on coming back to the same peddler everyday, sustaining his business.

The dad then took his boy to the rehab. Personally I take miraa or muguka. However, after being lectured by the man, I decided to go slow on the same and concentrate on my studies. Though I vowed to do something about the DRUG LORDS OF BLOCK Z.

Unless the authorities do something about this, these gang will kill a comrade one of these fine days and it will be too late then. Please comrades, lets join hands and demolish block z before it turns into an epicenter of drugs and drug lords at TUK.

I will be posting the names of the drug lords, their mobile phone numbers and social media IDs so that the world can know who is ruining lives with drugs at TUK.”

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