MPs And Church Leaders Now Shy Away From Ruto’s Saturday Muranga Rally

    DP William Ruto.

    The much hyped May 11th Tanga Tanga rally at Kenol area in Muranga where politicians allied to DP Ruto are expected to denounce Uhuru Kenyatta may not be as big as it had been planned.The rally has also roped in tens of  religious leaders who identify with DP Ruto’s brand of politics, especially his stand on making huge chunks of money as donation in churches, something which has grown to become a controversial debate.

    It now emerges there have been intense lobbying from State House to ensure the Saturday rally does not get so much attention and the kind of attendance its organizers expecting.These efforts seem to be paying off as a number of leaders especially from the Mt Kenya region are shying off for fear of backlash, as well not wanting to offend President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The Muranga’a rally is expected to be symbolic. Tanga Tanga intends to use the vent to show President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handlers that the ground has shifted to DP Ruto. Insiders say, their main intention is to portray Jubilee has two centers of power and  Uhuru being the party leader does not influence party’s activities in the region, because, according to them,Ruto now call the shots.It does not matter what the head of state thinks.

    Also, the choice of Muranga as venue to host the rally is suspect, with a heavy political meaning.Traditionally, Mt Kenya politics has always revolved in Nyeri and Kiambu counties.These are the only two regions in Mt Kenya which have produced the region’s kingpins as well as presidents.The rally is seen as a move to upset the traditional power base in the region and give birth to a new center of power in which Muranga will play key and be the major determinant.

    Church leaders who had earlier on pledged their support and confirmed attendance have also  grown cold feet because this gathering paints the church in bad light.It shows how much money has divided the church, to make it deviate from its role of spiritually uplifting society.The church leaders say, attending the rally would be playing in the hands of politicians.

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