We Have Not And Do Not Intend To Drop Murder Charges Against Governor Obado, ODPP Sets Record Straight

    Governor Okoth Obado and his slain lover,Sharon Otieno.

    Kenyans were treated to a bad rumor the entire day, saying it had emanated from the courts that the Office of the Deputy Public Prosecutor had dropped all murder charges against Migori Governor Okoth Obado, for lack of enough evidence.Governor Okoth Obado and two of his co-accussed, Caspal Obiero and Michael Oyamo have been charged of murdering Sharon Otieno, who was a second year student at Rongo University last year.

    ”ODPP-KE has not and does not intend to drop murder charges against Migori Governor Okoth Obado as claimed on social media. Obado and his 2 co-accused are charged with 2 counts of murder of former Rongo University Student Sharon Otieno and her unborn baby,” the DPP said in a tweet.

    Earlier,the embattled governor had attempted through his defense team, to have Justice Lessit excused from the case citing bias and her extreme passion on the process.This application is pending determination before the High Court in Nairobi.

    The news of Obado’s case being dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence would have been a major setback in the country’s judicial system were it that it was accurate.Kenyans were already having a feeling of there not being justice served for the downtrodden and that as long as one has financial muscles,they can do anything including murder and walk scott free.

    Sharon Otieno was butchered last year.Mr Obado, Mr Oyamo and Mr Obiero have denied murdering 26-year-old Sharon, an offence they allegedly committed between September 3 and 4 last year in Owade, in Rachuonyo sub-county, Homa Bay County.The three have also been charged with the murder of Sharon’s unborn baby.Some 24 witnesses are set to testify in the case.

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