Man Fights For His Life After Bouncers Rough Him Up


    The man identified as Adrian Kibe was beaten by bouncers at a popular club in Eldoret town. It is alleged that Kibe was drunk and disorderly and that is what prompted the bouncers at Black Bamboo Club to throw him down a flight of stairs.

    Adrian Kibe sustained serious head injuries from the fall and is currently in Intensive Care Unit where he is fighting for his life.

    Kenyans are now calling upon the DCI to investigate the matter and get justice for Adrian. The incident has attracted outrage from club goers who term the move by the bouncers as uncouth and uncalled for.

    Below are sentiments from a section of angry Kenyans on the matter :

    They know very well alcohol si maji they ashld expect tabia tofauti Mimi si mlevi but that’s how radio died- @2Carolzuena

    Why are they employing people who think alcohol ni maziwa or keringet water or they forgot it was club not church they should face the law @DCI_Kenya kazi kwako- @JONNIEYKIP

    Most bouncers ni mwili tu, akili nikama huisha akiinua chuma- @Joaonyii

    First of all,a bar sells substances that induce disorderliness in some people. How dare they assault same?- @john_giks


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