Erick Kirathe Kicked To the Curb


The now former government spokesman Erick Kirathe has been sacked and relieved of his duties with immediate effect and has been replaced with Colonel Rtd Cyrus Odhiambo Oguna.

Cabinet secretary for ICT Joe Mucheru in a statement says this is a move that will ensure that communication in the Government runs smoothly and the restructuring is mandatory. The new government spokesman is tasked with overseeing the different roles of all Government of Kenya communication channels under the ministry if Information Communication and Technology. He will also have content oversight role over the Kenya News Agency and MyGov.

Oguna was a career military officer by the time of his appointment. “Oguna had served his time as the spokesman for the Kenya Defence Forces and will be remembered for constantly keeping the country informed on the operartions of our gallant officers in capturing Kismayo” said Joe Mucheru In a statement.

The new spokesman holds a Masters degree from the University of Nairobi and is currently pursuing a second Masters degree on International Studies from the same institution

Erick Kirathe was appointed National Government Spokesman in early March 2016 and his tenure ends today.


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